So, unless you live out of state or under a rock, you've undoubtedly heard that the Mississippi State Fair is in town. I had to work late on Friday night, and with Tropical Storm Karen bearing down, Laura decided to take the kids on Friday Night by herself in case the rain caused problems over the weekend.

While I didn't get to go, she kept me in the loop with lots of SMS Pics of the night. But, my favorite one has to be the one above where my son got on a ride a bit bigger than he's ever experienced before. The look of sheer terror, combined with the complete determination to do it no matter what.

Saw this today… seems about right.

With all the talk of "government shutdown", I've been talking to my government friends from my former life. Much to my surprise, they've all been labeled "non-essential". However, they all have leftover FY13 funds so they can continue to work and collect paychecks.

Which begs the question: If the government is funding people and departments so much extra that they can fund their own paycheck into the next year, maybe we should look at that to fix some of our budget problems?

I logged in to connect this new website to my OpenID (hosted through MyOpenID . Unfortunatley, I logged in to find out that MyOpenID is closing on February 4th, 2014. Luckily, OpenID is built with this in mind so you can use "OpenID Delegation". This means I actually login with the url, but a few lines of HTML at the top of the file determine where to reroute that request. So, in the event of my chosen OpenID provider shutting down, I can switch to another.

Thanks to this StackOverflow post I was able to set it up to redirect to Google. Now, I can keep logging in with my URL, and it just redirect me to a Google authentication.

Now, you may be asking why I don't use regular Google authentication. Going through OpenID, all I expose is my email address, rather than full Google Authentication which exposes all kinds of contact, email, calendar, and other data I'ld rather not disclose.

So I've resurrected as version 3.0 (I think). The big change this time: I'm using Evernote 2013 DevCup Challenge Winner !

It's a neat tool that lets you create and manage your website entirely through Evernote! I write blog posts in Evernote, tag them with "published", and they pop up here! It's automagically connected to Twitter and Facebook, and even supports Disqus for comments. It's pretty much everything I already had on the old Wordpress site, but now I can manage it all from Evernote with no problems.

So, hopefully I'll keep updating as things move on along. Until then, Later!