Lacrosse Gear Drying Rack

So our son plays Lacrosse.. He plays a LOT of Lacrosse. And we live in South Florida, so he plays sweaty lacrosse. As the parent of any teenager will agree, sweaty boys reek. Add in lacrosse pads, and leaving them in a gym bag for days or weeks at a time, and the stench can kill most mortal men.
So how do you deal with this? The jersey and shorts you can wash, but the pads? What do you do with the pads? Gloves? Shoes? It all reeks, and the stench clings to things like animal hair during shedding season.
After some research, the easiest solution seems to be basic fabric refresher sprays and sunlight. Lots and lots of sunlight. Hockey players deal with a similar problem, and there are lots of designs online for gear drying racks for hockey gear. I found one I liked and built the same.
Assembly took all of 30 minutes to put together. It's all built from half-inch PVC (although seeing it now, I should have used 1-inch PVC, this thing sways and flexes an uncomfortable amount). The whole thing was $63 in parts from Home Depot, and that included a $14 pipe cutter and $10 in PVC glue that I only used a fraction of. I bought 10 pieces of 2-ft PVC sections, 10 1/2 inch PVC caps, and a bin of T connectors.
It works pretty well. The only drawback of this: Getting him to actually use it.

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